Segmentos necklace



The dictionary definition of a segment is the part of a line between any two points, which mark its beginning and end.

My version plays with colour and contrasting materials.

The pattern creates a minimalist style that is perfect for autumn, an understated necklace shines against our warmer clothes.

We recommend matching it with pale colours, to bring out the transparency of the glass.

Threaded on a silk string, adjustable to various lengths.


1 in stock (can be backordered)

All our pieces are handmade from glass in my studio in Valencia.

We take great care with every detail.

Each piece may contain small variations, which should be appreciated as an intrinsic feature of a handmade product, making it unique.

My creations are made following every step of a handcrafting process that is based on thoughtful design and results in a high quality product.

Each order is lovingly prepared. In the box you will find a signed certificate of authenticity. 

All my pieces are well packed for their journey.

You will also receive a thank-you card. because your purchase helps to maintain handcrafting traditions and creative work.