All SIO2 pieces are completely hand made.

Their main component is extremely high quality Italian glass. In the workshop, the glass undergoes a process of fusion in which different colours are combined and other elements incorporated. Depending on the process, it is then hand-polished.

In addition to glass, other elements that enhance the design are used to complete SIO2 pieces. These are carefully selected for each collection: this may mean stitching with silk ribbon, or the inclusion of metal parts, leather strips, rubber cord, etc.

The end result is pieces of jewellery which combine form, colour and structure to create a unique whole that perfectly complements the body and gives the wearer an accessory which is both unusual and personal.

Many of the pieces I create are small sculptures to be worn around the neck, delicately balanced compositions of contrasting colours, textures and effects of light.

The nature of glass

As a material, glass is fascinating: it is simultaneously fragile and hard. When it reaches fusion point it melts like caramel, and new forms emerge. Another of its special qualities is transparency, which brings in light as part of the creative process.