The Association of Designers of the Valencian Community (ACDV) invited participants to submit projects for an exhibition entitled Diseño al Plato (Design on a Platter), bringing together three creative sectors: chefs, designers and artisans to create original work.

Our team was made up of Kiko Moya of L’Escaleta Restaurant, Dani Salvador of QMAD and myself, Tiziana Chiara.

Our starting point was a dish on Kiko’s menu for which he had still to find a serving dish: cream of wild mustard with tender broad beans and freshly cut herbs. Once this was decided, we met in SIO2′ studio, where I showed my collaborators the different materials available and the possibilities presented by glass. Ideas started flowing straight away After a few drafts, we opted for a beautiful rectangular dish of white Murano glass, with a small tilted receptacle embedded in the upper side (in which to serve the chef’s creation). We added filaments of golden glass, using the fusion method, to emphasise the sinuosity of forms found in nature. The result was Swashplate, a colourful, floral composition which expands the sense of being in a natural environment and encourages you to feel that you are savouring nature itself in each mouthful exploding with delicious flavours