About SIO2

SIO2′ work includes collections, collaborations and individual pieces created within the dynamic of artistic jewellery. The starting point for all SIO2 pieces is a personal aesthetic focused on the creation of atemporal and functional jewellery that can weather changing trends and fit stylishly with many different wardrobe choices. As each piece is handmade, it is also unique, making it an exclusive, limited edition product, crafted with close attention to every detail, with the glass being cut, fused and finished using artisan techniques.

A SIO2 piece is not only an original accessory, it also embodies the love and dedication which goes into making every piece of our handcrafted jewellery, as well as the designer’s artistic vision and her signature design and style. In every SIO2 creation, colours, forms and textures playfully combine to create unique contrasts that enhance the wearer’s body.

About Tiziana Chiara

I’m Tiziana, the person behind SIO2, a project which fuses two of my great passions: glass and design. Jewellery is the medium through which I am able to fully express my creativity, creating small contemporary objects that reflect my search for beauty through the precision and detail of handcrafted creations.

Ever since I was a child, I have loved the decorative arts. Glass captivated me, with its immense possibilities for transformation. In 2005 I graduated in fine art and decided to channel my skills and creativity into creating objects out of glass. The name SIO2 refers to the chemical formula for silicon dioxide, a basic component of glass. Art accompanies my life, each one of my pieces reflects an inner search and a challenge I’ve set myself. They are the expression of my experiences, in words of glass.

I see myself as an instinctive and introspective person, but also a pragmatic one. This enables me to create daring and innovative designs whose hallmark is their functionality and simplicity.

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